Ile kosztuje Prestashop?

How much does Prestashop cost?


It is true that the Prestashop online store is free. However, not everyone has skills to configure / install / implement, therefore there are specialists from the branch who will do all of the above for you. Below in a few simple points I will try to describe all the necessary costs associated with launching an own online store based on the Prestashop version 1.7 engine.

Why do you need a specialist like me?

The necessary steps that must be performed when starting your own store will be:

  • Installation and configuration of the store on the selected server
  • Installation of the template and its adaptation to the client’s needs or implementation of the author’s graphic design referring to the logo / mark / brand
  • Turnkey installation of Prestashop along with all elements of template graphics / shipments / payment methods and all other necessary elements during the sales process
  • Import of products / categories / photos provided by the customer
  • Installation and configuration of additional modules that are not in the Prestashop standard
  • Final store optimization to get the highest possible rating from PageSpeed Insights to make the store SEO friendly
  • Training in store operation and support

Installation and configuration of Prestashop – how much does it cost?

The basic price of installation and configuration of the Prestashop store on the server along with its configuration should not exceed EUR 120 net. The term “installation and configuration” should be understood as launching the store under the indicated Internet domain and the indicated server with the appropriate configuration that will allow the customer to sell in the standard Prestashop template.

How much does the original graphic design cost and how much does cost the prepared Prestashop template?

Prices of graphic designs and their implementation may vary depending on the progress of the project. Usually the cost of preparing a home page design by an experienced graphic designer is between 160 and 350 EUR net. However, if the customer requires refining the detailed appearance of the shop’s subpages and the mobile version, an additional EUR 50-80 net should be added for the design of each subpage.

There is an additional cost except for the above mentioned prices of implementing the project to the Prestashop standard. In this case, the price also depends on the advancement (from 220 – 400 EUR net) and the price for each subpage (from 50 – 80 EUR net)

Is the implementation of the ready Prestashop template more profitable?

Theoretically, this is because the client delivers the prepared ready template from portals of type and the task of the programmer is to implement / configure and adjust its graphic to the client’s needs and eventually to implement necessary corrections. This solution is cheaper, however you must be aware that using the ready template, there is nothing to delude yourself that the design of your store will be individual. In this version, to the cost of the template should be added from 200 – 400 EUR net of implementation costs together with template corrections / adaptation to the needs and creation.

Importing products to Prestashop – how much does it cost?

If you own a database of your products / photos / categories / features or attributes – the programmer can properly prepare data for Prestashop import to facilitate the tedious introduction of products step by step and automate this process by importing them to your store. Usually, this process is evaluated individually and depends on the form in which the customer provides data. The standard price for importing products in this case will be EUR 35 net / hour of programmer’s work, but if you need the price for importing of 100 products, I think you can accept the range: from EUR 15 – EUR 650 net for 100 imported products.The ranges are given quite generally because, as described above, they depend on the format of the provided data. The format more similar to the Prestashop standard, the easier it is for the programmer.

The price of installing and configuring Prestashop modules

The Prestashop store is built modularly that is its great advantage if you need to use a non-standard solution / integration, etc. In the Internet there are a lot of modules (paid and free) that you can use to add new functionality to your store. The cost of installing and configuring the module should be within the range: from 15 – 70 EUR net + eventual price of the module. The price depends on the module’s advancement and on the time spent on its implementation. If you did not find the module for your store and you have a non-standard idea for functionality / implementation or integration – contact me and I will help you write your own module.

Prestashop optimization – price

The price of Prestashop optimization can be quite varied. Sometimes in the case of stores that do not have many additional custom solutions, it is enough to run several additional configuration options responsible for minifying css, javascript and cache files. In the case of larger stores with non-standard solutions, additional plugins and template modifications are often required to set good optimization. The optimization price in this case may be very different from EUR 55 – 450 net.

Summary of the costs of your own Prestashop store

As you can see, the price of launching your own Prestashop store can vary a lot. However, if you are planning to launch a simple store at the beginning, you should close at 1500 EUR net including a domain and server paid for a year. In the case of a larger store with a lot of non-standard solutions, additional integrations, modules, the final price can be even as much as EUR 5000 net.

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