Upgrade Prestashop 1.6 to 1.7 price
Update Prestashop 1.6 to 1.7 – price / price list

Prestashop upgrade to a newer version is usually a complicated process due to the fact that the shop’s contractor could apply many non-standard modifications / changes to the template or modules that could have been made in the wrong way for the Prestashop standard. In the case of the migration of the Prestashop from version 1.6 to 1.7, we should take into account that the latest version has many changes affecting the profound changes in the store template and modules. Usually during the renovation, the store template needs to be reconstructed quite thoroughly or the purchase of a new template adapted to version 1.7 should be considered.

When performing an update, it is important to do the following:

  • Making a backup copy
  • Cleans the database from part of the statistics (eg connections, browser, guests, etc.)
  • Update store to the latest version of PrestaShop
  • Applying changes to the template or starting the default
  • Configurations and updates of basic modules and making necessary changes for version 1.7 in modules that are not adapted to it
  • Introduction of dedicated shop modifications / changes (if they were previously used)
  • Checking the correctness of store operation after the update

Prestashop upgrade (price)

The price of the Prestashop update depends on many factors affecting the time of performing the updates described above. Estimated prices of the Prestashop update can range from PLN 1200 net to PLN 3200 net, depending on the size of the store and the number of modifications necessary to carry out.

If you are interested in updating your online store – I invite you to contact me. In order to perform the valuation, it will be necessary to provide data to your administrative panel and ftp server (to perform the valuation analysis).

Admin panel for Symfony from Sonata Bundle

If you are looking for a quick solution for the administration panel for the Symfony framework, then I recommend you Sonata Admin Bundle. It is an administrative system in which you can easily build facilities for your project. In addition to the bundle of the administration panel, Stanta also provides other bundles such as: Block Bundle, Page Bundle (text pages), Newsl Blundle (news), Media Bundle (media management), Seo Bundle, Ecommerce (online store), Classification Bundle (categorization).

Installation and configuration of Sonata Admin Bundle for Symfony 4.

  1. Installation bundle form console:

2. Install one of the following Bundles for doctrinal management:

The standard is:

3. Go to the file configuration file: (config / bundles.php) and add the following entries:

4. Create a file for routing in the location: (/ config / routes /) with the name: sonata_admin.yaml and the following content:

5. Create a configuration file (Yaml) bundle in the location: (config / packages) named: sonata_admin.yaml with the following content. In the configuration file you will be able to manage the panel’s appearance (see documentation).

6. At the end, follow the instructions below to clear the cache and install Assetic resources:

Wonderfoul! Your adminpanel should be visible after starting the address: http://your_url/admin.

Fave fun!

Prestashop module - Optimize your Google Analytics module
“Use your browser cache” for the Google Analytics module in Prestashop

If you are struggling with the optimization problem of Prestashop for Google PageSpeed Insights for the Google Analytics module (JavaScript) loaded from Google servers, I have a solution for you – the Prestashop Module!

The problem is that the ganalytics module loads the content of scripts directly from Google servers that we can not keep in the cache. In this case, we must set the HTTP headers for these files (Expires), which should be on our server and be kept for some time in the client’s browser cache. The best way to add the Expires headers is to add the following code to the .htaccess file in the main directory of your Prestashop:

Adding the above Expires headers will improve the PageSpeed Insights result in the test but it still does not solve the problem. To fully support the Google Analytics file from my own server, install my module which you can download below:


How it works?

Moduł do optymalizacji sklepu Prestashop dla Google Page Speed

The module clipartoptimizegoogleanalytics (Optymize Google Analytics) overwrites the functions of the original ganalytics module (Google Analytics for Prestashop) in such a way that the script does not download the content of JavaScript files from external sources. The module has a tool that should be set in the task schedule (cron) so that JavaScipt files are downloaded and updated on the server.

Installation guide

STEP1: Install the module with the standard tool for adding Prestashop modules: Modules and services -> Add a new module and then “Install”

STEP 2: Go to the module configuration and copy the generated URL to the CRON tool which should be called cyclically once a day. The url should be pasted into the hosting panel in the Task Scheduler (Cron) tool. Below is an example for the Ajenti panel:


Prestashop logo
Nowa wersja Prestashop 1.7.2

Nowa aktualizacja sklepu Prestashop która zawiera wiele nowych funkcji oraz poprawek.

Lista nowych (najważniejszych) funkcji w nowej wersji sklepu:

  • Nowy interfejs zarządzania zapasami, by móc śledzić ruchy magazynowe.
  • Zaktualizowana strona Tłumaczenia, z zoptymalizowanym kodem.
  • Lepsza czytelność szablonu Classic oraz podwyższona optymalizacje dzięki której sklepy ładują się szybciej.
  • Nowoczesne mechanizmy (hook) na stronach sklepu i w szablonie domyślnym.
  • Nowe zestawy lokalizacyjne
  • Nowe języki instalatora
  • Oraz inne użyteczne poprawki!